KeyTek electrical services offers rewire and alteration services in domestic properties. The services are inclusive of creative planning as well as design and installation. We offer top-notch services that meet your requirements and preferences. From needing an extra socket to a complete overhaul of your electrical wiring, We can provide impressive and satisfactory services. We work on fault checking, replacing faulty or ineffective components. It is important to always check the wiring system of your house if it has not been checked for 25 years or when buying a house. We offer these services to ensure that the wiring system in your house is working properly. Ignoring an electrical fault could turn out to be catastrophic. KeyTek electrical services is a member of The National Inspection Council of Electrical Installation Contractors. KeyTek is based in Manchester, England. KeyTek services are cost-friendly, reliable and effective.

Over years of experience, KeyTek has identified some signs that could be indicating that your house could be needing electrical rewiring if observed. If you observe the following signs please make a point of getting in touch with KeyTek

  • Electrical circuits tripping every now and then without any interference.
  • If your sockets looked burned.
  • If your lights are flickering
  • If you observe partial loss of power

There is a myriad of factors that could cause electrical faults in your house. The lifetime of your electrical wiring system also depends on a number factors. The factors include;

  • The materials used in the electrical wiring are a crucial determinant of the lifetime of the electrical system and its effectiveness. At KeyTek, we always make sure we use correct and high-quality materials that will guarantee you a long lasting wiring system.
  • The lifetime of the electrical wiring system also depends on how it is used. KeyTek, after offering the services, will also offer appropriate advice on how to use the system to ensure it lasts long.

KeyTek electrical services will ensure that your electrical wiring is up to date and safe. We offer the services with strict adherence to set guidelines of electrical installations to ensure compliance with British legislation. KeyTek also assures you that work will be done fast enough to avoid prolonged power disruption and the inconveniences that come with it. Upon completion of the works, KeyTek will award a certificate to prove that the wiring system installed is safe and done by an authorized contractor. KeyTek will also go an extra mile to inform the Installations control body of your local council so that they can issue a compliance certificate which indicates that British standards as far as electrical installations are concerned have been adhered to.